• Helen McNutt

Summer Sucks

One of the main reasons I love summer is that the tired, irritable, dead space between school and tea is magically transformed into happy, relaxed fun in the garden. Yesterday it felt like summer was truly here. We’d come home from school, I’d given them ice lollies and sat down to enjoy some quality time on the swing chair with a cup of tea. Edie came to join me and we had a lovely cuddle. But then the cuddle started to smell. And even though I tried like mad to concentrate on the lovely sunny evening instead, Edie’s nappy was just too pungent. So I took it off and let her run round without one. It was summer, after all. It wasn’t until Raff proudly presented me with a pizza/crisp burger from the play kitchen we realised Edie had done a surprise follow-up poo and was now trying to stuff it into one of the play kitchen tea cups. As I was washing her hands in the real kitchen, Raff knocked over my cup of tea outside. Instead of bringing the empty cup he proudly brought me a dead insect which he laid out on the kitchen table to dissect. The ball you see Bear playing with came back down to earth and twatted him so hard on the face he fell backwards to the ground, howling. Summer is stupid and we are over it already. They spent the rest of the evening in front of Paw Patrol on YouTube, which is where they should have been all along. Roll on autumn.