• Helen McNutt


Oh adorable! Nearly a year to the day that another family member DID THE EXACT SAME THING…

This weekend Andrew did some strimming close to where our car was parked. A bit too close to where our car was parked. A tiny stone came loose and smashed the rear windscreen. Or at least this is what Andrew eventually admitted had probably happened, but only after he’d had a very good go at blaming Raff, ‘who has form in this area’ (see below).

Anyway, this is where I found Raff and Edie, shortly afterwards. In the back of the car, playing with the smashed glass. Delighted with themselves. AGAIN.

BLOG FROM JUNE LAST YEAR: On Sunday morning the children played outside, so I took a few minutes to read one of Raff’s online nursery reports in the kitchen. It said he’d been lovely to his best friend, shared with the other children and helped at tidy up time. What more could you ask for in a three year old? Well actually, you could ask that as you’re inside gushing over their nursery report, they’re not outside with their one year old sister, smashing the family minibus window with a croquet mallet.