I’m Helen; writer, wife and mum to three young children; Bear (7), Raff (4) and Edie (2). I grew up on a smallholding in Wales, my husband, Andrew, was brought up on an Irish dairy farm, and now we’re raising our kids on a school farm in England.

We’re original like that.

I started my blog, Mama's A Dirty Feminist, three years ago, in an attempt to stop us all being so flipping sexist, and to make my sons want to hang out with me more. The aim was to get out on the farm and do the dirty ‘boy’ jobs myself. Our boys always wanted to be outside with their dad who did the fun stuff like quad bikes and chainsaws and tractors. I did the indoor stuff: reading, writing and cooking. Since then the blog has developed to talk about parenting stuff in general. And also, since Edie came along two years ago, I don’t really worry about the boys seeing women as feeble indoors creatures. Edie is fierce!